January 20, 2014

Guest Posts Around the Web

No label post this week. Sorry about that, everyone. Once in a while time gets away from me and I don’t have a chance to pick out a product at which to launch my razor-sharp wit righteous anger and semi-hysterical ranting.

Instead, in case youre bored at work  interested in reading some of my work that has appeared in other places besides my blog, here’s a list of guest posts and other work I have hanging out around the web.
Guest posts on Robb Wolf’s site: 
A series on carbohydrates, insulin, and sugar on the End Sugar Addiction Website.
It was a 4-post series. Here they are, in order. (Please note that these were written two years ago. While most of the information is accurate and I stand by it, my stance has changed slightly on some of the nuances. If you have any questions or would like clarification, feel free to contact me.) 

And lastly, I’ve produced transcripts of the following episodes of the Ask the RD podcast, by Laura Schoenfeld and Kelsey Marksteiner, the staff nutritionists at Chris Kresser’s site.

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