Thank you for your interest in nutrition counseling!

I am taking a temporary hiatus from providing long-term, ongoing nutrition coaching support in order to focus on other professional endeavors. 

I am still available for 30 or 60-minute “pick my brain” phone calls or more detailed 90-minute consultations for the following: 
  • Ask me anything about low-carb, ketogenic, Paleo, or Primal diets
  • General guidance on getting started with one of these types of nutritional approaches
  • Troubleshooting things if you’re already following one of these ways of eating and are not getting the results you’re after 
  • Other issues: need snack ideas? Got ‘em. Ideas for things that are quick & easy to cook when you come home after a long day and are ravenously “hangry?” Got ‘em. What to keep stocked in your pantry, freezer, or fridge? Easy.
  • If you are the only low-carber or Paleo/Primal eater in your household, family, or circle of friends, and you simply want someone like-minded to chat with, or even to vent to, I’m available for that, too!  ;-) 
  • Other things: questions about supplements; nutritional support for improving insulin resistance and blood sugar regulation, PCOS, supporting brain health with targeted nutrition for Alzheimer's or other neurological conditions, etc.  
  • Just want to reach out, say hello, and have a conversation with another human being? It's all good! (Don't underestimate the importance of this. Loneliness and social isolation are no joke.)

In preparation for these “pick my brain” sessions, I recommend that you complete my client intake forms and a comprehensive electronic health questionnaire. The paperwork is not required, but the more information I have about your unique health history, current situation, and goals, the better I’ll be able to tailor my advice for you.

Rates are as follows: 
  • 30 minutes: $55 USD (Add $15 for evaluating labwork/blood tests)
  • 60 minutes: $110 USD (Add $15 for evaluating labwork/blood tests)
  • 90 minutes: $145 USD

Please contact me at to arrange this. 
I am based in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC. I work with people long-distance via phone and Skype, but am quite happy to meet people in person if you are in the local area. (Even better if you buy me a coffee!) 

If you are inquiring specifically about weight loss, please tell me your current weight, goal weight, your historical highest weight, and how long you were at your heaviest. Please also let me know if you have ever tried a low-carb strategy before, and what your results were.

If you’d prefer to get started working closely and for the long term with someone right away, I recommend searching for someone in your area on the following sites in order to find a healthcare or nutrition professional friendly to the low-carb, Paleo, Primal, and ketogenic paradigms: