September 1, 2015

Attention Fiction Lovers!

Hi Everyone,

If you’re reading my blog, I’ll go ahead and assume you have at least a smidgen of appreciation for my writing style. (And I thank you for that!) If you also happen to enjoy reading fiction, I’d like to present you with an opportunity to combine the two.

I’ve mentioned here and there in past posts that I’ve been working on a novel. (My undergraduate degree is in creative writing, in fact. While I do love talking about how the human body works, and introducing you to interesting and underutilized cuts of meat, writing fiction is my first love.) Well, I’m pleased to report that the very rough draft of this novel is complete. There are some weak spots, and the draft definitely needs work and revising, but there are also some lines that literally make me cry, and some sections that, upon re-reading, make me say to myself, “I wrote that? Damn, I’m good!”

So where do you come in? Well, what I need at this point is honest, unvarnished, unbiased feedback. I need a few people to give this thing a read and tell me what works and what doesn’t, preferably while providing suggestions on how to make the not-so-good parts better. Ultimately, a good professional editor will help me with this, but first, the draft needs to be good enough to catch the interest of a literary agent, who can then connect me with editors and publishers. I know I can self-publish if I want to, but I’d prefer to go the traditional route first and see if I can get this published through mainstream channels. (Including, one would hope, all the marketing bells & whistles and distribution channels that are not as easily accessible to me if I were to do it myself and sell it solely through, say, Amazon.)

August 16, 2015

Book Review: The Ketogenic Cookbook

As promised last time, here it is, a review of the recently released, hot-off-the-press, new cookbook by the Livin’ la Vida Low Carb man, himself, Jimmy Moore, and wildly successful low-carb & keto diet coach, Maria Emmerich.

If you’ve become bored with your same-old, go-to, low-carb and ketogenic meal repertoire, and are looking to rekindle your passion for this way of eating, this book is for you. If you can’t stomach the thought of another plate of eggs & bacon for breakfast (that is, if you’re a breakfast eater at all), or if you think you’ll scream if you have to choke down another bunless cheeseburger, consider this book to be the inspiration you’ve been waiting for. (Although, if you ask me, bacon, eggs, and bunless burgers never get old!)

The book is called The Ketogenic Cookbook: Nutritious Low-Carb, High-Fat Paleo Meals to Heal Your Body.

August 13, 2015

Still Alive!

Hi blog readers!

Just wanted to let you know I am, in fact, still alive. It’s been a month since my last post, and while I realize many bloggers out there go far longer than that without writing anything new, I have generally tried to post at least once a week. I’m sorry that that pace has fallen off the map lately. Everything’s okay; just been busy. A little bit of travel, a little bit of non-nutrition writing (the very rough draft of my novel may or may not have gotten finished), and a little bit of professional/career Jenga (okay, no, it was an all-out atom bomb…more on this in the coming weeks). It all adds up to me letting the blog collect dust for a bit.

July 13, 2015

Label Madness Monday: Buttery Spreads, Take 2

It’s that time again, kids. The start of another work week, and a new adventure in food label land. A couple posts back, we looked at a buttery spread whose very name implies it is “Simply Delicious,” even though we made mincemeat out of that claim pretty easily. I left off at the end of that post saying we’d come back and take a look at some even wackier imitation butter spreads, and I’m making good on that today.

First up: Smart Balance “dairy free butter” with omega-3s.

July 7, 2015

Stop Saying "Ketogenic" When You Mean Low Carb

I’ve received a spate of inquiries from prospective clients recently that start off something like this:

“Hi, Amy, I’m interested in starting a ketogenic diet. Please let me know when we can set up an appointment.”

My initial response to these inquiries is:

“Hi ______,

Thanks for getting in touch. Do you mind if I ask why you’re interested in a ketogenic diet? Do you have a specific medical condition you’re looking to improve? Or if this is for weight loss, what is your current weight, and how much are you looking to lose?”

Once in a while, it’s someone with an autoimmune condition, and I’ve had a couple of inquiries about cancer, but the majority of people I hear from do not require a ketogenic diet. That is, not a classical ketogenic diet.

June 26, 2015

Alzheimer’s, Ketones, and Kidding Ourselves (Pt.3/3)

I concluded the previous post by introducing the idea that, when it comes to a body and brain being fueled by ketones, the absolute concentration of ketone bodies in the blood might be less important than the body’s ability to use those ketones. I expressed concern that placing the sum total of our faith in high β-OHB levels might take our eyes off the marker we should probably be more interested in: how well an AD patient is functioning. Maybe some AD patients do require ketones at upwards of 4-5mM. But maybe some others would do just great at lower levels.

Heres my thinking on this...