January 18, 2022

Meet Me in Person in February

Are you ready to attend an in-person event dedicated to low-carb and keto diets? Have you wanted to go to one of these things in the past but the time and expense required has been out of your reach? I have the perfect thing for you: the Adapt Your Life events happening in February! Come meet me in person – I’d love to see you!

Adapt events are a great alternative to the large, multi-day conferences that cost several hundred dollars just for registration, plus the cost of airfare, lodging, meals, and more. Yikes! The money and logistics make those bigger events impractical for many of us, not to mention they can be just plain overwhelming due to the sheer number of attendees and the amount of “stuff” going on. 

The Adapt events are just one day, but we pack a lot of learning and fun into that one day. Each event features keto-oriented medical and nutrition professionals from the local area, inspiring success stories (often tearjerking success stories as well!), plus an educational workshop from the one and only Dr. Eric Westman, my co-author on the book End Your Carb Confusion and creator of the famous “Page 4 Diet.” 

You can fly in from far away if you choose to, but our events are designed to connect neighbors with each other and to cultivate the local low-carb communities. We know some of you are the only ones in your household or friend and family groups eating low-carb, so it’s nice if you can meet some other people nearby who are doing it, too. People typically drive in from close by or just a few hours away and either arrive the morning of the event or choose to stay nearby the night before. (If you’re driving in from a few hours away, I recommend coming in the night before because things usually get started around 8:30 a.m. or so.) 

See here for more information: https://adaptyourlifeacademy.com/events/ 

We are having three events on consecutive weekends in February: 


I will not be at the event in Winchester, but I will be at both the Raleigh and Atlanta events, so if you would like to specifically meet me, come to Raleigh or Atlanta. (But those of you who live near Winchester, by all means, go there!) Click the links above to see who else besides Dr. Westman will be presenting at the events, but it’s a pretty dynamite lineup. If you’re a fan of Dr. Ken Berry and his wife, Neisha, they’ll both be at the Atlanta event, along with Jeff McDaniel, another keto-friendly doctor who has lost a great deal of weight and reversed chronic health problems using keto, himself, and now helps his patients do the same. If you watch my YouTube videos, you’ve probably heard me mention my friend Casey Durango, of “Go Keto With Casey” – she’ll be speaking in Raleigh, as will Kristie Sullivan, well-known for her great cookbooks and recipes. Dr. Wickham Simonds will also be presenting -- he is one of the few MDs I've found who truly understand how to help people with thyroid problems. (Hallelujah!)

I’m an off-the-charts introvert, but even I’m ready to get back into the world and reconnect with people at events like this. It would be great to see you there.

As of this writing, we have the green-light from all three venues. If that should change due to COVID restrictions, I will post again to let everyone know, but if you purchase tickets, Adapt Your Life will send updates if any are needed. I am told that we will be requiring masks and the venues may have distancing protocols in place, so please be aware that unless anything changes prior to those dates in February, you will be expected to wear a mask. (And wear it properly, as in, actually over your nose and mouth.)  

I hope to see you there!



  1. Dr Simonds is a weight loss dr who pushes phentermine for weight loss.

    1. Why is that a problem for you? Phentermine is very helpful for some people. When people have a really difficult time sticking to keto (or any other way of eating, for that matter), why should we withhold something that can be used safely under a doctor's supervision? Also, Wickham doesn't "push" phentermine. He has it as *option* for patients if they want it and it's warranted in their situation. No one is required to use it. But thanks for your comment anyway.

  2. Ms. Amy have you ever addressed Type1 diabetics and low carb lifestyle? I was dx with T1D a year ago after 7 years of low carb and wonderful weight loss now taking 3 units before each meal and 10-12 units at night I have gained weight about 30 pounds I am wanting info on what I can do to loose this weight or as much of it as possible - I heard you say on 2krazyketos program that Type 1 is totally different than type2- I want to learn - I am 72 and in good health but this diabetes has me a little confused and the ADA person I saw is so old school about foods and we clash. I want to understand diabetes and change whatever I am doing incorrectly. Thank you for any suggestions 😊

    1. Yes -- please watch this video for info on keto and type 1 diabetes. (I don't think I can post a hyperlink so just copy & paste the link into your browser.) https://youtu.be/tQR74wrBUak

      This article I wrote will also be informative: https://blog.bioticsresearch.com/low-carb-for-type-1-diabetes