May 8, 2018

Keto Retreat in CANADA - Sept 2018!

Calling all Canadian readers!

Are you tired of all the low carb and keto events happening south of the border?  Have you been wishing someone would start a keto-oriented social event in your country?  Would you like to listen to some low carb lectures and connect with like-minded people?

If so, come see me at the Keto Retreat in beautiful Perth, Ontario.  Loyal blog reader Wendy Moore (no relation to Jimmy) has put together a fabulous event September 14-16, 2018.

I’ll be speaking about ketogenic diets for Alzheimer’s disease, as well as on keeping keto simple.  And guess who else will be there?  Megan Ramos!! That’s right—Program Director and Co-Founder of the Intensive Dietary Management Program (with Dr. Jason Fung).  She’ll be talking about…yes, fasting!  Also presenting will be Dr. Doug Bishop, a keto-friendly MD in Canada, and his daughter Tiia Bishop, who’ll be talking about gut health, keto and exercise, and common barriers/challenges to adhering to a ketogenic diet.

The registration fee is extremely reasonable for this kind of event.  It does not include meals and lodging, but there are several wonderful places to stay in the area, and of course, you can always do Air B&B for convenience.  There’ll be complimentary keto snacks and a cash wine bar during a casual “meet & greet” the evening of Friday, Sept 14, as well as after the speaker presentations on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday evening, Sept 15, a 3-course keto dinner will be available at the Perth Manor Boutique Hotel.  (See here for details on food and lodging.)

I think this is going to be a great mix of keto science and casual fun – a great way to learn a lot in a relaxed atmosphere, where everyone is welcome.  Not obsessed with biohacking every second of your life away?  Come to the retreat!  Feel jumpy at the mere thought of weighing and measuring your food, and tracking every last molecule and “macro?”  Come to the retreat!  Just want to share a meal with other humans who won’t look at you funny when you ask for your burger without a bun?  Come!  Not at your goal weight?  Heavier than you’d like to be?  Still working on some health issues?  COME AS YOU ARE!  You are absolutely, totally, 100% welcome with us!  (News flash: I ain’t at my goal weight either!  It’s all good!  Don’t you dare let any of that stop you!) 

Even if you’re just kinda sorta “into” low carb, but don’t devote your entire existence to it, you’re also welcome!  Just come, learn, meet people, take a breather, and have some fun.    

Check out the retreat website for all the details on the speakers, pricing, reserving a spot, getting to Perth, and more.  Wendy’s contact information is on the site.  If you have any questions, please contact her directly, as she will be able to help you far better than I will!

Really looking forward to this, folks.  I’m a huge fan of both hockey and maple syrup … I’m practically Canadian already!  Now that my severe depression has finally (mostly) lifted and I want to rejoin the world of the living, I’m attending several low carb and keto events this year.  It’s going to be so nice to come out from behind the screen and meet some of you in person.  Come join us in Perth in September!

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  1. Looking forward to meeting and hearing you speak at the retreat.

  2. Hi Amy,

    I had the pleasure of talking to Wendy, the organizer. I recorded a podcast of our talk. If you’re interested, you can listen via my website Or go to The Keto and Kegels Podcast on Apple Podcasts. I’m looking forward to meeting you in September!

  3. Hey Amy - think this will be a great event !

    Curious to hear your opinion on supplements like Athletic Greens. That one in particular has received a lot of public attention...wondering if something like that would help cover off some of the nutritional bases on a low card diet.

    Thanks for any consideration you can give - love your blog and writing style, thank you for sharing so much useful knowledge.



  4. Lol. Keto retreat in Canada sounds nice, maybe we can have one on the West Coast?

  5. Almost sad to be on my honeymoon at this time! I hope we can do it again, Perth is lovely.

  6. Looking forward to meeting you; I love your blog

  7. When is next retreat? Florida? Arizona?? please add me to your maillist: