August 10, 2013

Tuit is Tweeting!

Well, I’ve done it:  I’ve taken one more step toward catching up with the rest of humanity in the 21st Century. Yes, I’ve gone and gotten myself a Twitter account!

The five of you who follow this blog know that brevity has never been my strong suit, so it’ll be interesting to see if I can say anything of value in 140 characters or less. (What? You’re telling me tweets don’t have to say anything valuable? Sweet! Guess the pressure’s off, then.)

If you’re on Twitter, pop on over and follow me @TuitNutrition…assuming I can figure out how to use the darn thing.  ;-)  (Also: is it wrong to be asking people to follow me? Is that the new social norm, or is this just the updated version of making construction paper valentines for the whole class in second grade and hoping with all your might that someone made one for you, too? Ah, popularity contests…they never go away, do they? At least now I have my own car. Score one for adulthood!)

Now all I have to do is start posting pics on Instagram, make a Facebook page for Tuit, and upgrade these candles for some electricity. (Hehheh, just kidding. I may not be super tech-savvy, but I’m no Luddite. Thank goodness for electricity, as it allows me to waste copious amounts of time watching Food Network read tons of educational blogs & websites.)

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