April 10, 2017

Break Nutrition - A New (and GOOD!) Blog & Podcast

Hey Everyone,

To get the word out about the release of my book, The Alzheimer’s Antidote, I’ve been making the rounds on several podcasts. I’ll post something soon with links to all of them in case you’d like to give a few of them a listen. (Yes, it’s true! You can get your fix of me ranting [and occasionally sharing nifty information] even when there’s no new blog post, haha! And you get to hear it all in my real voice! [For better or worse…ugh…])

Before I get to that, though, there’s a particular show I’d like to tell you about. My friend Raphael has started a new podcast and website called Break Nutrition. Raphi is very darn smart. He’s doing graduate work in molecular biology, with a research focus on cancer. (He is quite familiar with all we’ve covered in the cancer series – the Warburg effect, Dr. Thomas Seyfried’s work, the role of damaged mitochondria, etc. Recall that I picked his brain a bit for one of the posts on hypoxia.) If you’re on Twitter, you’ll want to follow him.

Break Nutrition is brand new, but it looks to be a good source for some pretty intense, intelligent, and science-based arguments covering a lot of what you all love: evolutionary theory informing modern diets, how low carb/ketogenic diets might affect nutrient requirements, fat loss mistakes, and more. Raphi is not the only one writing for Break Nutrition. He’s already had guest posts from some low-carb heavy-hitters. If you’re getting a bit bored with your blog or podcast “routine” and are looking to change things up a little—and are especially seeking things that really make you think, question what you think you know, and go hmmm…, then this is for you.

The podcast is pretty advanced sometimes. I’ve listened to a couple episodes and have more to get to. Raphi has had his friend and colleague Gabor Erdosi on a few times, and they’ve talked about some very interesting theories and mechanisms regarding type 2 diabetes and obesity – things you are not learning about anywhere else, including my blog. (I’ve been reading some papers on these ideas, though, and it’s fascinating stuff! I’ll have a post or two on it in the not-too-distant future. Sneak peek: it’s becoming more and more obvious to me why some people do horribly on keto when they focus on the “high fat” part more than the low carb part.) These episodes might be a bit advanced for some people, but others might soak them up like sponges.

One particular episode you will not need a PhD to understand and enjoy is the one I was on. Raphi and I had a great time talking about Alzheimer’s pathology and possible treatments, but the stuff we chatted about after that was even better. We got into gluconeogenesis (LOADS of misinformation on this all over the ketowebs), exogenous ketones, and why the whole calorie “thing” is almost useless in discussions of fat loss, satiety, energy balance, and body weight regulation. Useless! (Details in this post I wrote. One of my favorites!) You will hear me say I’ve lost 14 pounds since starting thyroid medication in December. The crippling depression that had me sidelined for over two years is about 91% gone as well—for real this time! (Post coming soon on that, too, my darlings!)

Raphi and I had a great conversation and I think you’ll enjoy listening. (Bonus: you get to hear what my favorite Chinese food was, back in the day.)  ;-)

So check out Break Nutrition and download the podcast. (And check out the other shows, too! Available on iTunes, too.)

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  1. how do you know what I've learned anywhere else? you are a self aggrandizing egotistical, hysterical lunatic.

    1. I love you, too. Thanks for reading! You should probably be the president of my fan club.

  2. also should probably use more italics more often

  3. Lawls, glad you're ignoring the keyboard warrior(s).

    I would love to hear you on the Joe Rogan Experience. He's a ketoer and has had Taubes and others on. Would be a long shot but definitely worth a try.

  4. "The crippling depression that had me sidelined for over two years is about 91% gone as well—for real this time!"

    So glad to hear Amy! I could always sympathize when you were going through a rough period--as evidenced by twitter or your blog--and have combed through your old writings on more than one occasion when I felt like I was at rock bottom. I actually wish you would write more on the subject--your off-topic, not-nutrition stuff has always resonated with me and I feel like you have a lot to offer there. Thyroid related depression is an interesting thing though--I've been there via the reverse T3 route and while positive thinking, gratitude, and some vitamin J kept me off the bridges, the depression itself had very little to do with my life situation...if my biology is in line I'm pretty resilient...but body temp of 95 and sky high rT3...well, lets just say I've scared myself more than once under those circumstances. Anyway glad you're doing well and I'm looking forward to the update post.

    1. Thanks, Johnny. I've been through some things that are definitely not fun, but they make me a much better nutritionist/practitioner for having gone through them. I'll be writing about thyroid & depression soon. Not sure what other "off topic" things you might be talking about... I have lots of ideas more about the "philosophy" of nutrition, for lack of a better word, which might be interesting for people. Less of the nitty gritty and more some overarching principles -- things that might surprise some folks. I'll get to it all, *eventually.* Writing blog posts always takes me about 4x longer than I think it will. ;-)

  5. you are a self aggrandizing egotistical, hysterical lunatic.