August 21, 2013

Wednesday 'Round the Web

Hey Folks!

Just a quick roundup to beat the mid-week blues. Here are some nifty things I’ve found recently (and not so recently) that I think are worth sharing. Some are new, some are oldies but goodies. All have something to offer.
Feed your body:

A couple of recipes to help you make your way through all the amazing summer produce available at the farmer’s markets. Take advantage of amazing eggplant, peppers, watermelon, and tomatoes while they last: 

  •  Watermelon & tomato gazpacho by Nom Nom Paleo  (Might seem a little involved, but you can simplify this easily.)
  •  Roasted eggplant spread by Ina Garten – since you’re gonna roast the heck out of ‘em, this is a fantastic way to use veggies that might be on their last legs because you bought way too much when they looked incredible and you’re not gonna get to ‘em in time. (Yes, I speak from experience here. What can I say? I’m cooking for one, but those darn farmers bring such beautiful, colorful things, my eyes trick me into thinking I’m cooking for three. Or four.) So yeah, peppers and eggplant that don’t look their best? Pop ‘em in the oven and make this deliciousness. (Great on crackers, whether with wheat or gluten/grain-free. Also good on raw veg if you’re grain-free. Another way to use up your raw bell peppers! Cut into ¼-inch strips and use for dipping! Also good with cucumber slices.)

Feed your mind:
Maybe I should’ve said feed 
your shock factor.

When we talk about “blood sugar,” what exactly do we mean? And how much sugar is a “normal” amount to be hanging out in our bloodstream most of the time? Much, much less than you probably think!

All I can say is, after you read this, think about the burden we put on our blood sugar handling organs (mostly the pancreas and liver) when we have a “heart healthy breakfast” of bran cereal (with skim milk, of course), whole wheat toast (with margarine, naturally), and a nice glass of orange juice (because we “need carbs for energy”)  <--  *insert eye roll*. YOWZA!! And mind you, I didn’t even mention Pop-Tarts, candy bars granola bars, fat-free (but sugar-laden) blueberry muffins, or sugar-frosted cereal. The “healthy” breakfast is still bulldozing the bejeezus out of your blood sugar. (And yes, “healthy” is in quotes because I am being sarcastic. Y’know, in case you haven’t been following my blog long enough to know my opinion of the medical and nutrition mainstream’s idea of a healthy diet.)

Continue being awesome!
Feed your spirit:

A former consultant for a popular weight loss franchise offers a heartfelt apology to the clients she now realizes she misled. Truly a beautiful piece to read. A little sad, a little dark, but then a lot empowering, inspiring, and full of just plain human warmth and compassion. Possibly speaks more to the ladies out there, but the fellas will get something from it, too:

Feed your funny bone:

Randy Glasbergen’s Cartoons: the funniest diet, weight loss, fitness, medical, and health cartoons you’ve probably never seen before. More’s the pity if you haven’t. Go there. Now. Thank me later, when you stop laughing, smiling, and nodding in recognition long enough to do so.
You're welcome.

That’s it for today. Happy hump day!

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