February 25, 2013

It's Official! Red Meat & Lard are Heart Healthy!!

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The Nutrition Diva's Quick & Dirty Tips: 5 Most Surprising Heart Healthy Foods

It's official -- steak and lard are good for your heart! And finally, other nutritionists are coming right out and saying so. And no, they're not joking.

I know -- when I first suggested that lard, beef tallow, and other animal fats aren't the "artery clogging" spawn-of-Satan we've been led to believe, some of you probably thought I'd lost my mind. (Either that, or maybe I was putting all my retirement funds into the stocks of companies who manufacture statin drugs, defibrillators, and liposuction machines.) No, I assure you, the facts about fat are starting to come to light and the delicious, heart-healthy animal fats and proteins that kept people physically healthy and psychologically and emotionally balanced for centuries are reclaiming their proper place in the kitchen. (Now if only nutrition textbooks and articles in women's magazines would follow suit...)

Want to take care of your ticker? Ditch the highly processed, rancid, and just plain nasty vegetable oils (soybean, canola, corn, & cottonseed) and eat the stuff you know tastes better anyway. (Nifty factoid: Back in the day, McDonald's used to fry their french fries in beef tallow! They switched to vegetable oil [super-high in omega-6 and probably also hydrogenated] after vegetarians found out they were unknowingly consuming fat from a dead animal...  And y'know what? The fries used to taste better! And I'm not saying Mickey-D's fries would be a health food if they went back to that, but I could certainly make a case for them being better for us than they are now.)

Before I go, I'll also point out that Ms. Reinagel has a podcast you can listen to for free on iTunes. I haven't always agreed with her, but for the most part, she knows what she's talking about. And the podcasts are usually pretty short -- under 10 minutes in most cases. A good way to get a dose of good info during your commute, workout, or whenever else you might listen to podcasts. And she's covered just about every topic under the sun. I recommend going to iTunes and checking out her archived episodes and seeing what sounds interesting to you. Free education! Way better than student loans! (I speak from experience. Still paying mine off...)

Now go do your heart -- and taste buds -- a favor: eat a bacon-wrapped filet mignon with a potato on the side and wash it all down with a beer. Coffee for dessert!


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