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If it’s been a while since I’ve published a new post, and you need an “Amy fix,” here’s a comprehensive list of all the podcast interviews I’ve done. Most of them focus on Alzheimer’s disease and my book, The Alzheimer’s Antidote. Others are about low-carb and ketogenic diets in general.

I am linking to the show websites. However, most of these shows can be found on iTunes and other listening/download platforms.

Please note that some shows have long introductions with information and announcements from the host(s), sponsor ads, and witty banter or chit-chat. If you prefer to skip that, you might have to fast-forward a little bit in order to get to the start of the interviews.

I’ve tried to put the interviews I recall being especially informative and educational regarding Alzheimer’s near the top, but there are useful takeaways from all shows:  

Ketovangelist - episode 103: Amy Berger explains how keto can help with Alzheimer’s

BioHackers Lab - episode 31: Best Foods to Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease with Amy Berger

Boundless Health – episode 17: Is a Low-Carb Diet the Key to Treating Alzheimer’s? with Amy Berger

High Intensity Health - episode 181 (video): Insulin Resistance in the Brain, Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss

40+ Fitness: An antidote for Alzheimer’s with Amy Berger

Primal Example Podcast - episode 33: Understanding Alzheimer’s & Overcoming Cognitive Decline using a Ketogenic Diet with Amy Berger

Intelligent Medicine - Part 1: Fighting Alzheimer’s
Intelligent Medicine - Part 2: Fighting Alzheimer’s

Dishing Up Nutrition Podcast: A New Look at Alzheimer's

Wise Traditions Podcast - episode 70: The antidote to Alzheimer’s. (This is a podcast from the Weston A. Price Foundation, and my episode is their #1 most downloaded!)

Straight Up Paleo Podcast - episode 16: Amy Berger on the Differences Between Low Carb and Ketogenic Diets, and Why We Shouldn’t Fear Protein. (Note: this interview was not about Alzheimer’s. We covered a lot of fun and controversial issues about low carb & ketogenic diets, but we steered clear of Alzheimer’s here. This one was fun.) 

Stephanie Holbrook Fitness (video): A brief discussion of Alzheimer's, and then we switched gears to talking about low carb and ketogenic diets in general, plus a lot of other issues I don't normally get asked about on podcasts, such as all the other stuff besides food that affects physical and mental health -- another fun one.

Paleo Valley Podcast - episode 93: How to prevent and reverse America’s most feared disease, with Amy Berger

The Paleo Solution Podcast - episode 287: “Nutrition and Alzheimer’s.” (Note: there was some static on my microphone during this show, so it might be difficult to bear with it and listen, but you can still hear me clearly.)

Healthful Pursuit - episode 52: Glucose, Insulin & Alzheimer’s

Keto for Women Show - episode 13: Keto for Mental Health: Using a High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet for Alzheimer’s, Depression, and Anxiety with Amy Berger

Sustainable Dish - episode 49: The Alzheimer’s Antidote with Amy Berger

Too Busy to Eat - episode 26: Amy Berger, Author of The Alzheimer’s Antidote, on Nutrition and Brain Health

Ketodontist Podcast - episode 5: Amy Berger, Author of the Alzheimer's Antidote
Ketodontist Podcast - episode 6: Amy Berger, Author of the Alzheimer's Antidote (part 2)

The Livin’ la Vida Low Carb Show - episode 967: Amy Berger Examines the Ketogenic Antidote to Alzheimer’s Disease. (Note: this interview was recorded when The Alzheimer’s Antidote was an early version available only as a pdf and not a published print book. Disregard references to “downloading” the book.)

The Livin’ la Vida Low Carb Show - episode 1274: The Ketogenic Antidote to Alzheimer’s Disease. (This was a follow-up interview and update after my book was re-released in print and for Kindle.)

Real World Paleo Podcast - episode 11: “How You Can Delay Alzheimer’s and Dementia”

Disclaimer: Amy Berger, MS, CNS, NTP, is not a physician and Tuit Nutrition, LLC, is not a medical practice. The information contained on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition and is not to be used as a substitute for the care and guidance of a physician. Links in this post and all others may direct you to amazon.com, where I will receive a small amount of the purchase price of any items you buy through my affiliate links.

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